short burgundy bridesmaid dresses

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HOLD ON TO FOREVER by Maria Geraci, copyright 2016

Jack walked into the bridal shop and about a dozen women turned to stare in horror. He put his hands up in the air making the universal sign of surrender. “Not the groom. I promise.”

The women all breathed a sigh of relief and went back to whatever they were doing before he walked in. He fought his way through the aisles of fluffy looking white stuff until he found his mother and grandmother.

“What are you doing here?” his mom asked. “Where’s your father?”

“He and Mitch are across the street at the Mexican place. We’re already on our second pitcher of beer and our third round of nachos. What’s taking so long?”

“It’s Felicity. She can’t find a dress,” Nicki explained.

“I just heard her say she’s going to take the last dress I handed her,” said Gussie, the wedding planner. “I’m going to work out some details with the salesgirl here at the shop. You all go on to lunch without me. We’ll figure out the head piece and hairstyles tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds good,” Jack said.

“Felicity is still in the changing room. She said to go on to the restaurant without her, but I think we should wait,” Mom said.

“I am going to faint if I do not eat soon,” Abuela said dramatically.

Nicki looked concerned. “Is it your blood sugar, Abuela?”

“Yes. My blood sugar must be high,” she said sounding remarkably healthy for someone on the verge of passing out.

“You mean low, right?” Nicki said.

“Low. High. It is whichever one will get me in front of food the fastest,” she answered.

Mom rolled her eyes.

“You all go to the restaurant,” Jack said. “I’ll wait for Felicity and we’ll catch up with you in a few minutes.”

He waited till they’d left the shop then walked to the back of the store to the changing area. This actually worked out pretty good. It would give him a private moment to talk to Felicity and see if she was making any headway with Nicki. There was only one dressing room with the curtain closed. “Felicity?”

“What are you doing here?” she whispered, like she was trying not to draw attention to herself.

“Waiting for you.” He glanced around but there was no one nearby. “Are you decent?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You mean, am I dressed? Yes, but—”

He drew back the curtain and stepped into the small dressing area, then closed it shut before anyone might notice him.

“You can’t come in here!” she shrieked.

“Calm down. You said you were dressed. How did things go with—” His mouth suddenly went dry. “What are you wearing?”

“It’s supposed to be my maid of honor dress, but I don’t think it's right.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“You don’t think it’s too…much?”

Yeah, but too much in this case equaled just right. He’d seen women wear tighter, slinkier clothes. The dress covered everything up that was supposed to be covered, but it also left nothing to the imagination. The green silk clung to every curve and plane of that tight little body of hers. The women he knew would be smirking at his reaction, but he could see from the uncertain look in her eyes that she was clueless. short burgundy bridesmaid dresses

“I can’t be sure until I see it from all sides. Turn around.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Maybe you should send in Gussie.”