long strapless prom dresses

Hello Everyone, one of Masquerade Ball's Co-Marketing Directors here to remind you to submit theme suggestions, We will be taking them until 11:59 pm May 11th. We really encourage you to submit ideas to help us get a feel of what all of you want in this upcoming MBALL! Please submit ideas so we don't actually do a Shrek Theme. I REALLY do not want to market and make graphics for a Shrek meme themed event.... long strapless prom dresses


2018 Masquerade Ball Theme Suggestions Hellooooo everyone, the 21st Annual Masquerade Ball (MBall) is finally here!!!!!!! Which means this year's MBall committee needs all the help we can get in making this the greatest Masquerade Ball yet. More information on this event can be found…docs.google.com