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Love Hate Relationship

Episode seven: I don't care

Yes the car is quite shiny but that doesn't mean they have to be behave like that, she thought.

Worry less about them now Sasha, worry about your husband and how you are going to tell him you are going out, he said don't talk to him right? So what is she to do? Should she write it down? "Ah" she groaned "For Christ sake Sasha, he is your husband, you don't have to leave him a note when he will be at home before you leave" she told herself "I will just tell him like a normal person" she concluded before stepping on her accelerator.

She got to her new home and parked the car in the exact same place she picked it from, a part of her was happy that he didn't return before her, do you really need to be worried? Are you actually scared because you drove his car to work? She tried to caution herself but it still didn't stop that part of her being happy that he was not yet home.

She walked into the house and decided to make dinner before preparing to go out with the girls. She hurried up with the simple dinner she made and put it in the microwave, to keep it warm. She rushed upstairs and had a quick shower. She opened the wardrobe and was glad her mother in law really thought about her well. While searching through the clothes there, she remembered he had walked into a walk-in closet that night and she decided to have a look at it.

She opened the walk-in closet and wowed, it was very spacious, and they were a lot of racks, mostly contained different type of suits and colors, damn, she thought as she got in but then one rack got her attention, all it has were lady's gowns, different sizes and lengths and different colors, there is also another one that hold different kinds and colors of stilettos, another one holds different handbags, all worth in millions.

Damn, what is Michael doing with all these female wears? She is definitely sure they can't be for his girlfriends, because she is sure he doesn't have any, now the close to ten racks that holds men cloths is understandable, maybe he gives some to his male lovers, even the shoes, she is sure in six months, he will not repeat a single one.

Her fingers caressed the suits and they all smell like him, well the whole closet smells like him. Thinking about him, a part of remind her that he might be on his way back and might not like to see her in here, stay out of my business, she remembered his last rule and turned and walk out of the closet immediately, she closed the door but not without taking a glance at the female wears, just who owns them? She really wants to know. Is Michael not gay? But then in school when everyone was talking about it, he didn't step out to deny it. long sleeve mermaid wedding dress

Then will she ask him who owns the dresses? And have him know you invaded his privacy? A voice warned her and she sighed, she definitely can't ask him, she just have to wait till when things are finally okay between them, then she will ask him. She just hopes it won't be that long, because she don't think she can wait before knowing the lady that owns the dresses, shoes and bags in her husband's walk-in closet.

She sighed and casually picked out a red gown from her wardrobe and put on, she let her hair fall, she apply mascara and also a red lipstick, she put on her earrings and a slim wristwatch, she looked at herself in the mirror and pouted, she looked beautiful, but will her husband notice that? She doubt.

She pick up her purse and and phone and realized Janet had sent her a text, they were on their way to the club already. She replied that she will be soon and checked herself in the mirror again before getting out a golden stilettos and put on. She walked down the stairs and her eyes glanced at the wall clock, it's almost eight, why isn't he back yet?

She sat on the sofa, prepared to wait for him, after all, it won't be nice of her to just leave the house without his consent right? She brought her phone to call him and realize that she don't even have his number, what kind of wife doesn't have her husband's number? Just as she was still groaning, she heard the sound of a parking car and jumped to her feet, she looked at the time and it was 8:15, is that the time he often comes home? but last night... Ah, forget it, you don't even know the time he came back yesterday.

She stood staring expectantly at the door. The door opened and he walked in, his suit was in his hand and three buttons in his shirt were open, his right hand carried his briefcase. He looked at her and looked away almost immediately, he made his way to the stairs and she followed "I made dinner. It's in the microwave, should I warm it up for you?"

He ignored her and started climbing the stairs "how was work, hope it wasn't too stressful?" He still didn't reply her "I'm going out with my friends tonight. I was supposed to take them on a girls night out before our wedding but I didn't. I want to make it up to them today. We are going to a club near..." She was saying when he stopped in his tracks.

Michael turned to face her and his eyes burned into hers "I never knew you were deaf" he said in his deep sensational voice "or are you just acting ignorant or playing dumb?"

Sasha bit her lip "I'm just trying to let you know where I'm going."

"Do I look like I care? If you want to spend the night out, I don't care."


"I gave you a rule, and it's your duty to abide by it. Don't talk to me, what's so hard to understand there, or are you just so stupid to not know when someone doesn't want you?"

His words slammed into her heart and she tried to hide how hurt that feels "should I warm up your food for you?"

Michael snort "Jesus I'm married to a dumbass" he looked at her again "I don't want your food, clear enough?"

She sighed and nodded "okay, I'm I allowed to go out with the girls?" He just turned around and continued climbing up the stairs "I will take that as a yes" she added but he pretended not to hear her and made his way straight to the bedroom.

Sasha stared after him and sighed, just as she was about to think her brains out, her phone ringtone blew up, she rushed and picked it up and it was Janet "hey baby girl?" She tried her best to sound lively.

"Where the hell are you? We have been waiting for twenty minutes!"

"I will be there, just give me ten minutes" she replied and hung up. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the house.

She was lucky enough to see a cab immediately and she stopped it, got in and they drove off.

Upstairs, stood a man near the window, his crystal blue eyes followed the cab's light before he dialed a number in his phone "find out the club Mrs. Brown is going to, you have ten minutes" he hung up and his eyes still followed the cab, even though it was way out of sight.